Mr Wong Kee Yew’s Life Force Cooking continues with a new series of Functional Diet Culinary Workshops which will commence
from July 8th and continue until November 11th 2017 on selected Saturday afternoons 2:30pm – 5pm in Zenxin Retail Shop. 
Kee Yew
is a pioneer for healthy vegetarian nutrition and will create dishes using Zenxin Organic produce and products
from Zenxin’s ‘Simply Natural’ range.

Venue: Zenxin Retail Shop, Unit #1-25, Blk 14, Wholesale Centre, Singapore 110014

Language: English & Mandarin on Saturday afternoons 2:30pm – 5pm

Duration: 2.5 hours

Cost Fee: S$120.00 (Food tasting and Bilingual Recipes included)

A 10% Early Bird Discount if you register and pay 3 weeks before the class. (Cost fee after discount $108.00.)

#1 Cardiovascular Disease (Low/Good Fat Diet) Sat 8th July 2:30pm – 5pm

#2 Diabetes Prevention (Low/Good Carbo Diet) Sat 12th Aug 2:30pm – 5pm

#3 Slimming (De-tox Diet) Sat 9th September 2:30pm – 5pm

#4 Weight Gain (Alkaline Proteins Diet) Sat 14th October 2:30pm – 5pm

#5 Allergies (Gluten-free/Soy-free Diet) Sat 11th November 2:30pm – 5pm

For more information on Kee Yew please check here:

To register: Please email [email protected] or call 6779 7839 or text 9633 4524 now!