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Organic Boxes

Enjoy delivery fees as low as $5!
Packed with the freshest in season for you
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Available varieties
Western | Oriental | Mystery | Fruit | Steamboat | Solo

Our Boxes

Organic Boxes

Enjoy delivery fees as low as $5!
Packed with the freshest in season for you
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Our Boxes

Why buy organic?

Protects your health
No synthetic and industrial chemical residuals in your vegetables, fruits and cup of tea

Protects farmer’s health 
Conventional farmers wear protective gear to herbicides and insecticides. Your vote in organic food makes a healthier life possible for them

Protects our planet
More sustainable farming practices protects our soil, water and biological diversities of our beautiful planet.

Why Choose Us?

Our Guarantee

If its organic, its organic
If its natural, its natural
If its neither, its neither

We make sure what we sell is what we say.

Our Recognition & Certifications

  • Australia’s NASAA Organic Certificate
    (renewed yearly)
  • NASAA certified product chain
  • IFOAM member
  • Frost & Sullivan Award 2018

Our Product Labels

  • Clear naming: Organic = organic certified
  • Ingredient: Listing organic and non organic ingredients clearly
  • Certification logo

What our customers say

I had a great time at Zenxin market today! Being very new to the whole subject of an organic plant base diet, i had a lot of questions. Rose was very kind and meticulous at helping me to understand the importance of going organic…going organic can be very expensive, and her depth of knowledge really help to value-add the kick-starting process. I can’t wait to start my first juice, and my experience here will definitely not be the last!

Matthew Ong / Facebook

Love the Large Veggie Box. Great deal. It is usually enough for our family for the week. Also, cannot beat the customer service from Rose. She’s great and gives each customer personal attention. Some weeks I forget to order and she will reach out and ask.

David Fernandez / Facebook

If you prefer organic food and you are discouraged by finding only five or six items to choose from at the local market, take heart. Zenxin Organic store is your top rate organic super-center in Singapore. You will be pleasantly surprised by their wide selection of organic and healthy foods and the helpful and friendly staff. I just received my first western organic box yesterday. It was delivered on time and contained all the items I’m used to cooking. I truly feel at home in Singapore now, having discovered this new wonder! By all means, visit this store!

Jacqui Bishop Harmeling / Facebook