She shelters and guides. She loves and understands. Bound with patience and gentleness, she creates a home filled with care and concern. Mother.

Mother fits the perfect role of a manager. She leads her child selflessly and pushes one ahead while guiding silently from behind.
In this modern world, many things we use at home are not environmental friendly. Apart from our environment, it may harm the people around us.


In conjunction with Mother’s Day, Zenxin Organic Food is going to hold an Eco Enzyme Workshop, to help the “perfect manager” at home. This workshop enables mothers to understand how to create a natural living environment without harming their skin.

Yes, Eco enzymes can improve various unhealed skin diseases, wounds, burns, inflammation, insect bites and other symptoms. (Note: External Uses only)


Who is the Instructor?
Joyce Yau, a home-maker who is passionate in DIY nature products. She has learnt and taught the making of eco enzyme for about 3 years in Singapore.

Why Eco Enzyme?
Eco Enzyme, an excellent household helper which is an effective household and laundry cleaner, air purifier, car wash cleanser and even organic fertiliser. It helps the home-maker improve their skin conditions, especially the non-healing hands’ wound.

What you will learn?
Joyce Yau will give you step-by-step instructions on the making of eco-enzyme.

What you will get?
A RECIPE of Eco Enzyme

A READY eco-enzyme for immediate use at home. (Bring your plastic container.)

to get your Ready Enzyme prepared by Joyce Yau
The CNY cookies container

A Healthy organic high tea

A SINCERE+ORGANIC+HEALTHIER gift from Zenxin Organic Food

How much you have to pay?

If you are a mother and you are zenxin’s member with membership card: FREE

If you are a mother (Non-member): $10

If you not a mother (Members): $10 .     (Non-member): $20

How you pay?

Here’s our Account details for bank transfer:

Zenxin Organic Agri-organic Food Pte Ltd

003- 909264 – 4
BRANCH : 003
CODE : 7171

552 – 716045 – 001
BRANCH : 552
CODE : 7339



How to come? Follow the map!:)







***Other details:

Date: 5th May 2018 (Saturday)

Time: 230pm-430pm (Let’s have a mindful organic lunch together after the workshop)

Address: Zenxin Agri-Organic Food Blk 14, wholesale centre #01-25(along West Coast Highway) S110014

Any enquiry pls contact +6567787369 (zenxin)/ +6596334524(Ceri) or +6598369994( Mingxin)