A Healthier You is a Happier You.

From May onward, on first weekend of the month, Zenxin Organic Food will be carrying out a variety of fun workshops. Together with the participants, we create a healthier and happier YOU, leading a Healthier and Happier living lifestyle.

Workshops includes cooking and DIY lessons. Or, it can be anything you hope to learn from Zenxin (everything for the healthier and happier YOU!)

Besides, if you have a healthier mission, which is similar with Zenxin’s concept, we welcome you to connect with us. Zenxin can be a platform for you to hold healthy workshop, seminar or event! 🙂


Workshop (2018)

5th May 2018 (Saturday)

Making of Eco Enzyme, by Joyce Yau


9th May 2018 (Saturday)

Making of Organic Rice Dumpling, by Irene Yip