The Duanwu Festival, also known as the Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month in the lunar calendar – in 2018, it falls on June 18. During this celebration, the Chinese would eat “zongzi” or “bak chang” (粽子), also known as glutinous rice dumpling.

In collaboration with this fantastic Chinese celebration, Zenxin Organic has invited experienced culinary instructor, Irene Yip to guide you step by step in Zenxin Organic.

Irene Yip has over 30 years of culinary instruction experience. She is a regular recipe contributor to local media, such as Xin Flavours Food Magazine, BBC Good Food and Channel U’s cooking variety show.

On the workshop day, Irene Yip will demonstrate to you how to use organic millet and black rice to make the rice dumpling. It can be completed in a very short time under her expert guidance! Irene Yip also will provide recipes and necessary guidances.

Timing and temperature are essential for healthy cooking! Irene Yip more than happy to share all secrets behind healthy dumpling with you!

What to expect
/Learn to make authentic homemade dumplings during a social workshop
/Get partial hands on experience making filling and wrapping, and cooking.
/Develop your cooking repertoire and make some new friends.

About the Class
Class Level: All levels
Age Requirement: 13 to 99 years
Average Class Size: minimum 10 pax; maximum 20 pax

Title: Rice Dumpling Making Workshop
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