Organic Blueberries 125g

Origin: Argentina
Status: Organic
Certification: Argentcert
Highlight: New season’s crop of blueberries in from Argentina! The UN Food and Agriculture Organization has Argentina in the 2nd place of the world ranking countries that have certified organic production with 600 hectares under organic certification. One of nature’s superfoods, blueberries contain a wealth of phytonutrients such as β-Carotene, Lutein and Zea-xanthin, Anthocyanins (malvidins, delphinidins, pelargonidins, cyanidins, peonidins), Hydroxybenzoic acids (gallic acids, procatchuic acids), Flavonols (kaempferol, quercetin, myricetin), Polyphenols (pterostilbene, resveratrol), vitamins C & K, minerals such as manganese and high soluble dietary fibre. Benefits for health of the organic blueberry antioxidants include improving the cognitive function and cardiovascular diseases, while the fibre helps with the reduction of cholesterol.

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