Coconut-Coconut Creamed (Organic) 100G


Organic Creamed Coconut 100g

Amaizin Creamed Coconut is a careful conversion of the pure flesh of coconuts into a finely processed concentrate. Creamed coconut, as well as coconut milk, can be used to add richness and flavour to your favourite Asian and ethnic dishes. It is also perfect replacer of cooking cream. Just stir in some creamed coconut grated or in small pieces towards the end of cooking. Bon appetit!


100% coconut*.
*Organic farming

Average nutritional values per 100 grs​:

Energy: 2939 kJ/703 kcal
Fat: 65,0g of which saturates: 57,0g
Carbohydrates: 24,0g of which sugars: 7,0g
Proteins: 7,0g
Salt: 0,08

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