Frozen Meat-Chicken Breast Supreme (Organic) 500g


Fresh Organic Chicken Breast Supreme

The Chicken Breast Supreme is exceptional and will make quite a statement on your menu. Perfect for impressing guests at a dinner party, it can be cooked with vegetables, sauces, stuffing and marinades in any number of flavours. Easy to bake, grill, fry or even smoke, a Chicken Breast Supreme won’t let you down, as the crispy skin will hold moisture and flavour that’ll have your guests coming back for more.

A safe choice, Inglewood Organic Chickens are antibiotic, hormone and GMO free. Only natural remedies and Certified Organic feed are used at Inglewood Organic, ensuring a clean and healthy meal option worth sharing.

For best results, cook slower than you would regular/conventional chicken. Once cooked, remove from the heat and cover to prevent any loss of moisture.

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