Eurasia Global Food Organic Frozen Meat Pork Belly Sliced Iberico 300g

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Frozen Iberico Pork Belly Sliced 2mm (Thickness)

The Iberian pig is a traditional breed of the domestic pig (Sus scrofa domesticus) that is native to the Iberian Peninsula. The Iberian pig, whose origins can probably be traced back to the Neolithic, when animal domestication started, is currently found in herds clustered in the central and southern part of Portugal and Spain. It accumulates high intramuscular fat which produces an authentic marbling no other breeds of pig has. The completely natural diet produces its uniquely tender, rich and rosy meat with a high degree of marbling. Take comfort in this pork as it is believed that eating Iberico pork can actually reduce one’s levels of bad cholesterol and increase levels of the good stuff. The Spanish regards their prized Iberian Pigs as “walking olive trees”. It is the most coveted pork in the world.

Product of Spain 
Packaging: 300gm Net Weight
Approximate: 16~18 slices 

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