Organic Gramigna Semi Wholewheat 500g


Alce Nero Semi-Whole Wheat Semolina Gramigna Organic 500G

thin, curly pasta, is made from organic durum wheat, including the Senatore Cappelli, Simeto, and Quadrato varieties, which is grown by our farmers in South Italy. The grain is milled to get semolina with an ash content of 1.20% D.M., which guarantees a fibre content of over 4%. It features a slightly burnished colour and a rough surface, which is the result of the extrusion process through bronze dies. When cooked it takes on a light yellow colour and a fragrant taste, making it even more pleasant on the palate. *(D.M. Dry Matter)

Place of Production:

Produced in the plant of: Via Felicetti 9 Predazzo (TN) – Italia


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