Simply Natural Organic Misai Kuching Tea 16x3g


Organic Cat’s Whiskers Tea (Misai Kucing) 16x2G

Health benefits of Cat’s Whiskers 

Cat whiskers are used to cure the problems such as kidney and bladder due to diuretic action. It possesses an anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertensive property which helps to eliminate the symptoms of rheumatism and gout. It helps to enhance the urine flow. It is also found in the form of dried leaves, tablets, extracts, tea sachets and capsules.The health benefits of Cat’s Whiskers are:

1. Helps in Respiratory Problems

Cat’s whiskers show great promise in treating respiratory problems like Asthma and Cough. To make it effective against counteracting respiratory problems this medicinal herb is often mixed with other powerful herbs which acts surprisingly well against respiratory problems.

2. High Blood Pressure

Chemicals present in Cat’s whiskers help in reducing blood pressure levels. Some believe that the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory actions of the herb are the reasons for this benefit. The chemical methylripariochromene present in the herb could decrease systolic blood pressure.


3. Anti-Fungal

Cat’s whiskers consist of compound which helps to prevent the growth of parasites and foreign hosts that live on a body. They do so by cutting the nutrient supply chain of the fungus.

4. Diuretic Action

The term ‘diuretic’ refers to a substance that helps to increase the flow of urine. It is supposed that sinensetin and the tetramethoxy-flavones present in this herb help to increase the flow of urine by relaxing the muscles of walls of the internal vessels. The diuretic action of this herb can also be attributed to Methylripariochromene A.

5. Heals Bladder Problems

Owing to Cats whiskers property to cleanse tracts and ease the working of the system it has been found very effective in treatment against infections in the bladder and also preventing bladder problem from occurring in the future.

6. Kidney Disorders

Cat’s Whiskers also popularly referred as the Kidney plant possibly due to its kidney saving benefits. In Java islands, it is believed that the tisane made using the leaves of Cat’s whiskers can efficiently eliminate kidney stones (up to 5 cm in size). This benefit has been verified in a few clinical researches as well. The herb is used to treat acute and chronic kidney infections, bladder infections, urinary tract infections, frequent urination and bladder stones.

7. Acts as a Detox

Cats whiskers have been consumed on Java islands since a long time ago as so are also called as Java Tea, the reason people of Java consumed this herb was that of its cleansing properties. It acts as a natural cleanser and therefore sweeps our body of unwanted toxins and foreign materials.

8. Regulates Blood Sugar

Cat’s Whiskers work as miracle for treating blood sugar, several scientific studies have shown that cat’s whisker effectively regulate the levels of glucose in sugar and thus help us control diabetes efficiently. It is to be noted that one must consult his or her doctor just before switching completely over to this herbs consumption.

9. Weight Loss

Cat’s whiskers has been discovered to help loose our weight. Due to its market value as a medicinal herb that also has added advantage of weight loss, it is sold in market in many forms such as pills, tea bags and extracts etc.

10. Treats Gum Problems

Many times we suffer from problem related with swollen gums which could be due to any number of reasons, the pain related with it and the swelling could easily be alleviated by using Cats Whiskers.

11. Anti-Bacterial

Cat whiskers leaves consists of few compounds like phenols and caffenic acid that help to prevents growth of bacteria and kills the remaining ones. Thus it can be easily applied on skin to cure cut and bruises and numerous other types of infections


12. Treats and Heals Gout

Cat’s whisker consists of enzymes that relieve you from Gout. It has enzymes such as flavonoids and natural acids that lessen pain and therefore comforting us from any type of pain. It has also shown progress in treating arthritis.

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