Organic Marjoram Tisane Tea 16x2g


Health Benefits of Marjoram Tea

Marjoram tea possesses the minerals and vitamins which are essential for the body. The intake of Marjoram tea helps to add the healthy diet. Some of the health benefits of Marjoram tea are as follows:

1. Stimulates digestion

The daily intake of a cup of Marjoram tea helps to raise the digestive performance. The presence of nutrient helps to enhance digestion. The nutrient content raises the enzymes of saliva and digestion with an improvement in digestive system. It promotes the appetite. It also prevents the infection of small as well as large intestine. It helps to relieve the severe stomach ache and cramps. It also alleviates constipation and diarrhea.

2. Anti-inflammatory properties

The intake of this tea prevents the diseases caused due to inflammation. It also relieves the sinus headaches, body pain, headache, muscle spasm, migraines, toothache and asthma.

3. Promoting Osteotrophic

Marjoram tea possess huge amount of Vitamin K which helps to promote the osteotrophic activity in the body by forming the bone mass. It prevents Alzheimer disease and also eliminates the nerve damage. It contains the potassium and calcium which helps to maintain the heart rate and level of blood pressure.

4. Colds and viral disease

The intake of warm marjoram tea relieves the symptoms of runny nose and cold. It also treats the lining of mouth. It also enhances the circulation of blood.

5. Aromatherapy

Due to its relaxing effect and ability to relieve stress, it is used in aromatherapy. It also increases the well-being.

6. Nervous system relieve

Marjoram tea helps to relieve stress, ease nerves and anxiety with a calming effect. It also alleviates stomach and intestinal cramps which is caused due to heavy food or poisoning. It also treats insomnia. One should drink marjoram tea after myocardial infarction and it also assist to treat cardio-vascular disease.

7. Insomnia

It also treats insomnia and other sleep disorders.

8. Women’s health

The daily intake of marjoram helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and aids this period. It eliminates dizziness and migraine headache. It also alleviates the menopause symptoms, treats menstrual periods, mood swings and menopause related disorders.

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