Tea-Tilia Tisane (Organic) 16x2G


Organic Tilia Tea 16x2G (Linden Flower Tea)

Benefits of Linden Tea

Linden is ideal for making a nourishing cup of tea. It contains many vitamins, antioxidant flavonoids,

Natural Sedative

This tea may be the perfect way to end a stressful day. It is calming and relaxing, helping you to get some much needed rest, particularly when you are in need of an insomnia cure and something to soothe your nerves. Linden herbal tea also eases headaches, in particular migraines. By calming the mind, it is great to drink when you’ve been pushing your brain hard with work or study. The great thing about this herb is that it is safe for children, so they too can enjoy a cup of tea or a relaxing linden herb bath particularly when feeling irritable or restless. Great for hyperactive kids. So give your little one a soothing bath before bedtime.

Digestion Aid

Unfortunately, nervous tension usually leads to digestive issues. Indigestion and even vomiting may occur when you are really stressed, particularly if you have a weak stomach to begin with.

Linden tea is an overall calming tea that may help you feel better.

To start you off on the road to recovery, linden herbal tea begins by soothing the digestive tract, this means relief from indigestion, ridding you of stomach pains by reducing spasms along the smooth muscle of the digestive tract. This tea is also known for stimulating the digestive process, which means it may help to increase your appetite. Linden infusions are great for you when you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, healing ulcers, reducing flatulence, bloating sensation and diarrhea. Great for when the pain just seems to take over your whole day. One of the great benefits of tea made with linden flower is its ability to treat gastrocardiac syndrome. This occurs if you have excessive gas forcing your stomach upwards and thus putting pressure on your heart.

Body Cleanse, Detox Tea

This calming tea helps to relieve your gallbladder problems (not useful for gallstones, though). It increases bile flow and stimulates the liver function. This cleansing action helps you to fight urinary infections, so though you may need to go to the bathroom more often, it will in fact help if you suffer from incontinence due to a poor kidney function.

Heart Support

Relaxing and reducing nervous tension are a great way to keep your heart healthy. So when you are drinking linden tea for anxiety you will find that it can help reduce worrying heart palpitations and arrhythmia. This wonderful tea may be exactly what you need to reduce the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases and also ease the tension on blood vessel walls, having the effects of an anticoagulant and a vasodilator. This heart protective action in linden tea can also help prevent the buildup of plaque in artery walls. This makes blood vessel walls more elastic thus promoting blood flow.

Respiratory ailments, dealing with common cold symptoms

Start drinking this tea as soon as you start feeling the first cold symptoms and it will help relieve sore throats and coughs as it is a great expectorant. Linden tea brings relief to your nasal congestion and reduces the feeling of a stuffy nose.

  • If your cold develops into a fever, then this tea will be particularly helpful as it promotes sweating and thus brings down the temperature of your body while at the same time it expels the harmful toxins that are causing infections and making you sick.

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