Zenxin Organic White Currant Berries 125g


White Currant Berries (Organic) 125G

White currants are the sweeter cousin of the red and black variety. The sugary burst is mild and still has a bit of tang. You can compare their flavors to gooseberries.

Nutritionally speaking, you can’t go wrong with eating more currants. Currants offer a boatload of fiber and a heaping amount of vitamin C. A cup of currants has almost 3 times as much potassium as a banana. Plus white currants are low in calories, fat and sodium and they contain no cholesterol.

The berries of the white currant are most often used for desserts, summer salads and soups, succulent sauces for poultry or pork, sweet or tart jams or sorbets, and eaten fresh, out of hand, since they have a sweeter taste.

White currants are rarely specified in savory cooking recipes compared to their red counterparts. They are often served raw and provide a sweetly tart flavor. White currant preserves, jellies, wines and syrups are also marketed. In particular, white currants are the classic ingredient in the highly rarefied Bar-le-duc or Lorraine jelly although preparations made of red currants can also be found.

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