Alce Nero Organic Tomato Sauce With Basil 350g



Origin: Italy
Certification: EU Organic
Brand: Alce Nero
Specifications: 350g


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Detailed Info

Alce Nero Organic Tomato Sauce with Basil offers the various health benefits from basil leaves, which include the protection of human cells, providing the body with high anti oxidants and also help to regulate cholesterol levels!

Tomatoes are high in many vitamins and antioxidants, including lycopene, which makes them a very healthy choice and grants them the status of “superfood”. Alce Nero products are made from tomatoes that have been processed when ripe, thus preserving all their goodness and disease-fighting benefits.

Alce Nero ready-to-use tomato sauces offer the quality and taste of Italian restaurant food. All ingredients are 100% organic and superior quality. Simply pour over cooked pasta, meat, fish or seafood.

Product of Italy



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