Kee Yew - Life Force cooking

The Chef

Kee Yew is a pioneer for healthy vegetarian nutrition and will create dishes using Zenxin Organic produce and products from Zenxin’s ‘Simply Natural’ range.

The theme for this year 2018 is Zen Cooking, bringing mindfulness to eating and food preparation. Zen Cooking will offer simple balanced dishes from pure organic ingredients that nourish the zhang fu.

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Manisa - Authentic Indian Cuisine

The Chef

Are you craving for mouth watering Indian home-cooked food? Join and explore the world of authentic Indian cooking with Chef Manisa.

Beginning with Rajasthani cuisine, Manisa will share her love and understanding for the complex flavours and astonishing variety of vegetarian dishes that are produced this very arid area of the world. Ghee provides the richness, pulses the basis and spices the high notes. Care is taken to balance spicy dishes with sweet and salt with sour.

Those who joined her promo this weekend were astonished at her mouth-watering dishes. Join her for her first class in Zenxin on Sunday 4th November

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Diwali Special with Manisa: Celebrate Deepavali together (Vegetarian)